About Jason & ANN-MARIE

Jason & Ann-Marie are a music and movement artist team that use their gifts to create atmosphere and opportunity for others to hear & be activated in God-given identity, destiny and life-strategy. Married in 2002, they have since travelled to many cities, states and nations ministering to others as “Prophetic Minstrels” of the Lord.


Like David with the harp, they have a unique ability with their gifts to create an open-heaven atmosphere for people to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit. Like Elisha’s Minstrel in 2 Kings, when Ann-Marie dances & when Jason plays upon the piano, people testify to being  cascaded with peace of mind, fresh revelation & physical healing from the Lord.


Jason & Ann-Marie are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth region with their 3 children Zoey Kulani, Phoenix John & Sydney Rain.