Therapeutic Music Sessions

Jason Heilman (CHCM)

Certified Healthcare Musician

Jason is experienced in playing therapeutic music not only in nursing homes, assisted living centers and medical environments, but in homes and churches as well.

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Jason is certified as a "Therapeutic HEALTHCARE MUSICIAN" in association with "Harp for Healing LLC" and their "Public Music for Medical Environments" program. “Therapeutic Musician”, “Clinical Musician” or “Healthcare Musician” are informal terms used to refer to a certified graduate of a therapeutic music training program. Training topics include clinical protocol, deportment and terminology, therapeutic music repertoire styles and appropriate uses, development of repertoire, self-care, and a wide array of reading related to the science and use of vibration and sound to support healing. Each training program conveys its own title. Harp for Healing, LLC offers the Public Music for Medical Environments Program (PMME), which awards the title of "Certified Healthcare Musician" (CHCM).

"Harp for Healing LLC" is accredited by The National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM), a national board consisting of leaders in the therapeutic music field who have joined together to develop and maintain standards for therapeutic musician training programs and their graduates and to support the growth of the field.

What's The Difference Between A Therapeutic Musician vs. A Music Therapist?

Music therapy is a treatment program while therapeutic music is considered a service.


A Music Therapist uses “music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship.” On most of the music therapy websites, you will see a photograph of the music therapist working with a patient who is playing an instrument.


A Certified Therapeutic Healthcare Musician provides live, therapeutic music and refrains from soliciting participation from listeners.


Think of the difference between a physical therapist and a masseuse. Both have training, and both provide benefits, but the degree and the duration of interaction are different.


What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Therapeutic Music?

Therapeutic Music provides multiple benefits for those in medical environments as well as for those who desire to partake of therapeutic music for the maintenance of general physical health and mental wellness. Various studies show that providing therapeutic music can...

•Reduce anxiety in general and before surgery

•Influence heart rate and respiratory rate

•Increase heart rate variability

•Reduce blood pressure

•Lessen the perception and increase the tolerance of pain

•Boost the immune system

•Decrease stress hormone levels

•Distract from negative situations

•Aid sleep

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