Movementology is a teaching and moving experience in the theology of movement through a scientific and cultural lens.

Movementology digs into the Biblical Hebrew and Greek to see what God thinks about movement. Movement is fully integrated within The Word, but we lose a lot in translation. The diversity of God through Cultures is discussed in order to understand more of God's purpose and design for movement. It also delves into scientific principles to reveal more truths from God about movement. After a foundation of truth and revelation is received, the opportunity to move it out is given through group led moving exploration and improvisations. One can expect to leave with an expanded Kingdom Worldview, connections with God on new levels and a greater release of who He created you to be. Freedom, intimacy and healing accompany each person's experience.


Details for a Movementology Experience


For a one day 4-6 hour workshop, I have two sections of non-moving teaching and many different movement exploration. I usually am able to do 3-4 explorations depending on the time allotted.


No previous dance experience is needed. Even the most trained dancer will receive more knowledge and understanding of their craft.  


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